My 13 Peaks Challenge adventure

Those who know me well, know that I love running. For me it is much more than just completing a race or staying fit and healthy – it’s a way of challenging my mind and body. I find that I’m constantly applying the lessons that I’ve learnt in running, to my daily life.

Here’s an example: I recently completed the 13 Peaks Challenge with a group of friends. This challenge entailed climbing 13 different peaks in the Table Mountain range, and we completed it over six days. Needless to say, it was tough. And my fear of heights made scrambling up some of those peaks even tougher.

You might wonder what this has to do with Kinesiology? This experience didn’t just challenge me on a physical level, but on a psychological and emotional level too. (In fact, I actually had to perform some stress release techniques on myself in order to cope with some of those peaks😉). While conquering the peaks (and definitely some of my fears), I realised that I had to apply some of the concepts that I often use to guide my clients. And I’d like to share them with you here:

1) Stress isn’t always bad, but allow yourself to recover.
You sometimes need that fight or flight stress response to help you overcome a challenge. On the mountain it helped me to get my body to perform under stress – especially when I had to endure the daunting heights. BUT, just as in life, once the ‘threat’ is over, you need to be able to recover in order to enjoy the rest of the journey.

2) Listen to your body.
Some days you have all the energy in the world, but other days you need to take things slower. We tend to live our lives at full throttle, but we actually have to allow ourselves slow days in order to “catch our breath” and recover.

3) Trust your abilities
You are stronger than you think. We sometimes hold onto fears and thoughts that inhibit us. Just imagine what we could achieve, if we could let go of the stuff holding us back and learn to trust our abilities.

Photo: Beryl Penny