Homeostasis – finding that perfect balance

It is no secret that the body is more than just an anatomical and physiological structure. The human body is a complex, multidimensional being that operates not only on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level too.

Now imagine these levels to be the three sides of a triangle – in perfect balance, all three sides will be equally long (equilateral) and would represent a person in a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Such a perfect equilibrium is nearly impossible to achieve in our fast-paced modern lifestyle, but fortunately, our wonderfully adaptive bodies have ways of compensating and compromising to help us survive. When one level is under pressure, for instance your emotional state, the other two levels (physical and mental), will compensate and ‘carry the weight’ of the level under duress. But when excessive stress on one level is ongoing, it can influence the equilibrium of the triangle, leading to imbalances in the compensating levels, e.g. mental stress manifesting as muscles tension.

The body naturally exists in balance, or homeostasis, but a distorted triangle can lead to symptoms and signs of disease.Kinesiology provides non-invasive modalities that can influence the different sides of the triangle to help clients achieve a more balanced state (homeostasis), resembling an equilateral triangle, representing optimal health.